Tired of selling candy bars and washing cars? Traditional fundraisers are a lot of work, for very little return. Participation is often out of obligation. Plus, not everyone eats candy or drives a car.

The average mattress purchased last year cost customers around $1000. Most homes have numerous old, outdated mattress sets in need of replacement.

For the average family who replaces one mattress set in their home every 3-5 years, this is a huge expenditure. A Mattress Fundraiser gives your community supporters a chance to help out as well as save hundreds of dollars on a purchase they would eventually make.

A Mattress Fundraiser at your facility
eliminates the expense of a fancy storefront. The All American Grassroots Marketing Plan will help your group find customers to support your event and eliminate the cost of advertising. This allows All American Fundraising Solutions to offer your customers the MATTRESSES THEY NEED at PRICES THEY CAN’T BEAT!!!

Best of all… a Mattress Fundraiser cost NOTHING!!!
All American Fundraising Solutions Mattress Fundraiser will generate between $2000 and $6000 for your group in just one day!

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